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I Need a Puppy: Post #1


I say Post #1, because there will undoubtedly be posts to follow that chronicle cute puppies. I am obsessed with dogs, and since moving away for school 5 years ago, I’ve been deprived. This has led to me petting strangers’ dogs on the street and rummaging YouTube for adorable videos. Here’s the latest… I heard the reason he’s howling is because his ears aren’t developed and his owner’s whistling hurts… if true, I feel like a bit of an ass for being one of the over 100,000 people to watch this video and coo.  


call me unpatriotic.


First off, I will admit that I am a weekly American Idol viewer. I know it’s a trashy show… but I’m a sucker. Last night it was brought to a new level of trashtastic. Kristy Lee Cook (tied for most annoying contestant with Chikezie) took the easiest, most obvious route she [the producers] could muster. She sang “God Bless America.” Anyone who has known me since high school, knows I was rolling my eyes at this song in the gymnasium every damn time it was played before basketball games. I was often looked at like some sort of fascist… but it is not the USA I dislike, it’s CHEESE. Nothing screams cheese quite as loud as this song, and having Kristy Lee Cook belt it out only amp’d the cheddar decibels to an intolerable volume. Watch this crap below…. I can’t believe all Simon said was it was a “clever” song choice.  And for a special treat… check out Kristy Lee’s music video, made before American Idol. The best is when the dude avec le chubb strolls shirtless with the horse.  

published anonymously While my parents were in town a couple winters ago, the quote featured on occurred. My dad is the “Midwestern man.” The site is pretty funny, along with the books. It’s insane what you overhear in NYC on a daily basis.

new photo site


I finally dealt with GoDaddy and got my photo site straightened out… only to soon after decide that I no longer want the domain “” and would rather use the much simpler “”. So, I switched it over and it’s up & running. Hardly any content is posted yet, but the design is ready and I’m eager for feedback. Check it out, s’il vous plait.