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I Need a Puppy: Post #2

Pending we get the Brooklyn apartment we’re hoping for (we find out this week), Bennett & I want to get a dog in late August or September, as a gift to each other for our 6 year anniversary. I want this dog below. And they only get to 25-30 lbs, which is perfect for our teeny apt. Top name idea so far has been “Henry,” which I think is perfect for a Corgi. See below… So. Damn. Cute. 


Young@Heart Rocked My World

I saw this movie last Friday and it easily entered into my favorite movies of all time. It was a documentary on the senior citizen chorus group, Young@Heart, who sing rock-pop songs all over the world. The music distracts them from the often depressing and painful aspects of growing old. The people documented in this film were so inspiring and full of life. They handled old age with wit, charm, and courage. Their singing group frequently loses members to health problems and death, but they sing on. The moments of grief were devastating, as you really get attached to some of the characters. What made the movie amazing was how it balanced those sad scenes with hysterical music videos. The video above is of a heart-wrenching performance by Fred Knittle, whose duet partner died a few days before the show. 

Here’s the trailer:

It hits theaters nationwide April 25th, it’s only in LA & NY right now. Seriously, go see it.

booze cruise

I stumbled upon this video footage on my computer from last November… the quality kind of stinks, but you get the idea.

I love my co-workers.

Meeting of the Douchebag Minds

McCain recently told, “I’m honored to have Heidi’s support and I want to assure her that I never miss an episode of The Hills, especially since the new season started.” 


What’s Wrong With This Picture?


I think most the population would agree that Fergie is a butterface. Hot body, “peculiar” face. Now, I direct your attention to the crotch region in this photo from the American Idol Gives Back taping last night. Though I am slightly horrified, we can now attribute her fug face to more than her meth-laden past… she may (as this photo suggests) have been born as a male. And if that’s the case, then I guess she’s one fierce tranny.