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pride parade 2008

My favorite image of the day

Yesterday, a couple friends and I ventured to the west village for the pride parade both for the cultural experience and to show our support for our beloved gay friends. I brought my 30D to document the parade, after a forewarning from my friend, Michael, that there’d be amazing costumes. He was right. From the headpieces to briefs to spandex, it was an eyeful. I walked away from the parade soaking wet (sweat + rain), with 300 images on my memory cards, and an even greater love for New York City. 

See photos here.



A poignant (and timely, given it’s Pride Week in NYC) plea to stop homophobia and stay within your personal bubble. 

Thanks, Rich. I’m proud to work down the hall. 

We’re Famous! (circa 9 years ago)

As the home video I created in 8th grade, “School’s Out 1999,” approaches 11,000 views on YouTube, I thought I’d post it here. I am rather curious who’s watching this crackpot footage. It consists of my girlfriends and I creating “music videos,” which are actually us performing choreographed dances and lip-synching to popular songs, while a strobe light provides the ultra special effects. Fans of this video would love to know that I actually have like 10X more footage of our so-called music vids. It was what we did every time we got together for about three years… and despite what it may seem, alcohol was never involved. Just plain old childhood goofiness and that preteen desire to see ourselves on film, whether that be moving pictures or still images— of which, by the way, I have plenty. When we weren’t in front of the Hi-8 video camera, we were having photo shoots… easily shooting 4 rolls of 35mm film. Oh, the insecurity of adolescence. We couldn’t get enough of ourselves. And now, it seems, neither can YouTube. 

My Hero

Out of the fog of chaos that followed China’s May 12th earthquake, a hero emerged, by the name of Chen Yunlian. This amazing woman set out on a mission to save dogs injured or abandoned in the disaster. She has selflessly saved over 100 dogs, often creating makeshift pull-carts for those whose legs were crushed. 

Chen’s views about animal rights are radical in a country where dogs can just as easily be a pet or the main ingredient in a spicy hotpot. [MSNBC]

Read the full article, including a touching slideshow, here.

Jigging All Over the World


Here’s the HD quality version.

My Rec for Pot Psych

Honestly, click here and you will not be disappointed. My co-worker and his BFF get stoned and answer readers’ crude questions about sex and relationships, to the tune of at least 20,000 readers a week. I don’t smoke (anything, because my lungs freak the f*ck out) but these videos will make your day. Fresh footage is posted weekly on Fridays at 4:20PM, on one of the most intelligent blogs on the internet, Jezebel

Look into it. And keep an eye out for cameos by Rich’s fab cat, Winston.

The Dinosaurs: Were Our Parents Negligent?

Seriously, WTF is this shit we watched as kids? I honestly recall watching this crack squad show routinely. I thought Baby Sinclair was hilarious and the mohawk dinosaur was hot. Yes, I thought a f-ing dinosaur was hot as a child. It must have been the letterjacket. That’s a whole ‘nother bucket o’ issues (that has since been resolved, mind you). Now he’d have to be toting a guitar.

Do I even bring up the monster that popped out from the kettle?