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Barracuda for VP?

Should anything happen to John McCain if he were elected president… this bimbo would run our country. Whatttt? This woman was the mayor of my uncle’s teeny town in Alaska (Wasilla) three years ago! Hence, ZERO experience dealing with any issues (except maybe some pesky grizzly bears), a measly BA from Idaho, a beauty pageant past, and a nickname of “Barracuda.” SCARY SHIT. And any discussion about her breaking the glass ceiling? She’s the anti-feminist!!! No choice, no equal pay, and look pretty!!! 

I’m truly hoping this just put the nail in the coffin of the Republican campaign.


deng linlin: fresh out of the womb

Deng Linlin: 4’5”, 68 lbs. I know gymnasts are inherently teeny, but really? I surpassed that size when I entered 2nd grade. Not discrediting her Olympic performance, but there’s no way that girl is a teenager. That sparkly eyeshadow ain’t fooling nobody, China.

See a video of the squirt after the jump.

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spencer pratt exposed

As shame floods my conscience for wasting a half hour of my life watching the season premiere of The Hills, I think it’s about time to expose Spencer’s extended family: 

My apologies to the Mogwai creatures.