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Andrea got married!


076, originally uploaded by lauren.deiman.

This comes with some delay (the wedding was Dec. 27th), but I attended the first wedding of my childhood friends. The first to tie the knot was Andrea, who married to a sweet, doting Marine named Brad. The wedding was military style, so here she is walking through a tunnel of swords as she departing the church.

See their first dance after the jump! 

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quite the drive.

I drove upstate with my dad and boyfriend to the Woodstock Museum in Bethel, NY. We took the scenic route home, driving through historic towns along the Hudson River. Above is the Philipsburg Manor in Sleepy Hollow. Prior to our rental car excursion, I didn’t realize how close gorgeous scenery was to the chaotic concrete jungle known as Manhattan. Hudson River Valley view after the jump.

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i heart ny.

I went to Water Taxi Beach for a co-worker’s birthday party on Friday night. I had no idea the view was this stunning. More than once that evening, I stopped, sighed, and thought about how lucky I am to call this amazing city home.

More pics after the jump.

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pride parade 2008

My favorite image of the day

Yesterday, a couple friends and I ventured to the west village for the pride parade both for the cultural experience and to show our support for our beloved gay friends. I brought my 30D to document the parade, after a forewarning from my friend, Michael, that there’d be amazing costumes. He was right. From the headpieces to briefs to spandex, it was an eyeful. I walked away from the parade soaking wet (sweat + rain), with 300 images on my memory cards, and an even greater love for New York City. 

See photos here.

new photo site


I finally dealt with GoDaddy and got my photo site straightened out… only to soon after decide that I no longer want the domain “” and would rather use the much simpler “”. So, I switched it over and it’s up & running. Hardly any content is posted yet, but the design is ready and I’m eager for feedback. Check it out, s’il vous plait.