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30 Rock Returns


After an interlude of over-hyped celebrity cameos, 30 Rock has returned to its hilarious roots: Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin. Tonight’s episode was simply awesome. While I like Chevy Chase, Jennifer Aniston (sort of), and Oprah (also, sort of), they truly brought the show down to an obnoxious “look who we can get” level, and it’s so refreshing to get back to the chemistry of the regular cast. From the Kenneth story line to Liz Lemon’s high school reunion (“Lemon out!”), I laughed out loud most the episode. Yay. Please keep it up, NBC!

Sidenote: The Office was also better than it has been in previous weeks… it seems both shows are returning to their original formulas… hooray for Thursdays!


deng linlin: fresh out of the womb

Deng Linlin: 4’5”, 68 lbs. I know gymnasts are inherently teeny, but really? I surpassed that size when I entered 2nd grade. Not discrediting her Olympic performance, but there’s no way that girl is a teenager. That sparkly eyeshadow ain’t fooling nobody, China.

See a video of the squirt after the jump.

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spencer pratt exposed

As shame floods my conscience for wasting a half hour of my life watching the season premiere of The Hills, I think it’s about time to expose Spencer’s extended family: 

My apologies to the Mogwai creatures.

Michael is Famous.

Late last week, my co-worker Michael was featured in Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue. Michael is a die-hard Hillary supporter and has been all over the country campaigning for her. He was a bit enthusiastic at her almost-concession speech in NYC. When we saw the original footage (all over CNN and MSNBC), he actually voiced fears that Kimmel would pick it up. And he did, thankfully.

Ray of Sunshine

If you’re not already familiar with this little superstar, meet Nathaniel from The Soup. He likes to dance. Here’s his original appearance, when I first fell in love: 

See several remixes (all worthy of your time) after the jump:

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Meeting of the Douchebag Minds

McCain recently told, “I’m honored to have Heidi’s support and I want to assure her that I never miss an episode of The Hills, especially since the new season started.” 


call me unpatriotic.


First off, I will admit that I am a weekly American Idol viewer. I know it’s a trashy show… but I’m a sucker. Last night it was brought to a new level of trashtastic. Kristy Lee Cook (tied for most annoying contestant with Chikezie) took the easiest, most obvious route she [the producers] could muster. She sang “God Bless America.” Anyone who has known me since high school, knows I was rolling my eyes at this song in the gymnasium every damn time it was played before basketball games. I was often looked at like some sort of fascist… but it is not the USA I dislike, it’s CHEESE. Nothing screams cheese quite as loud as this song, and having Kristy Lee Cook belt it out only amp’d the cheddar decibels to an intolerable volume. Watch this crap below…. I can’t believe all Simon said was it was a “clever” song choice.  And for a special treat… check out Kristy Lee’s music video, made before American Idol. The best is when the dude avec le chubb strolls shirtless with the horse.